The back story:

During an eventful WordCamp Mumbai 2012 (organised by individuals), @alex & @aditya realised that WordPress is not just a buzz word, but a livelihood for many web pros and an amazing + curious tool for content generators.

This lead to the understanding that many people know or want to know about WordPress, but there is no active community that would help build a network and a sense of connect over our humble CMS.

This lead to the effort of building a local community. A booster to the activities was the 10th Anniversary of WordPress, where a grand meetup was organised in Starbucks Powai. Where more people joined hands to strengthen and grow the community.

With help of @saaheel, @vachan & more volunteers on board, after numerous coffee shop meetups, finally in 2014; community organised WordCamp Mumbai happend. The story after that is what you see today.